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Principles of Economics

  • What are the vital functions of an Economy? Explain the price mechanism.
  • Explain measurement of Price Elasticity of Demand.
  • Describe the kinds of Economic Systems.
  • Price mechanism also known as the market mechanism, that helps to solve the central problems in Capitalist Economy. Explain.
  • What are the factors governing Price Elasticity of Demand? Explain.
  • Explain economic systems and resource allocation


Human Resources Management

  • How best one can utilize available training resources in order to achieve organizational objectives?
  • Describe the different forms of Worker Involvement in Quality Circle.
  • What are the benefits of an MBO Programme? Explain.
  • Explain the areas of activity of Human Resources Planning.
  • What makes Career Planning a success? Explain.
  • Explain the various functions of Human Resources Management.


Marketing Management

  • Explain pricing policy.
  • Explain the different Marketing Environments and the role of Culture and Subculture.
  • Explain the importance of consumer behavior for marketers.
  • Explain the procedure in Marketing Planning.
  • What is the role of Consumer Behavior in marketing? Explain.
  • What are the basic principles of organization Design? Explain the techniques and methods for designing Organization structure


Organizational Behaviour

  • What is Perception? Explain why is it important?
  • Why is perception important? Explain the factors influencing perception.
  • Describe the contemporary theories of motivation.?
  • How does age affect productivity? Explain.?
  • Write an essay on Organizational Structure.
  • Why do people work? What are the motivational force behind people to work?


Principles and Practices of Management

  • What are the fundamentals of staffing and manpower? Explain the different methods of selection recruitment, training and development.
  • Explain the nature and functions of Directing.
  • Discuss the importance of Coordination in managerial functions.
  • What is the importance of planning in an organization? Describe the different plans with their objectives.
  • Explain the methods of Departmentation.
  • Explain the different approaches to leadership and its role in managemen


Financial Management

  • What are the significant factors of Financial Statements? Discuss the various tools of financial Analysis.
  • What is a Fund Flow Statement? Discuss the uses and preparation of Fund Flow Statements.
  • What is financial Forecasting? Explain.
  • Examine the various tools of Financial Analysis.
  • What is Zero Base Budgeting? Explain.
  • Describe the various aspects of Zero Based Budgeting with its merits and demerits.





  1. Principles and Practices of Management

How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals?

  1. Human Resources Management

The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis?

  1. Financial Management

What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hand to meet its obligations at all times?

  1. Marketing Management

If you are working in a super market, what techniques/ tools you will use in data collection. How are you going to analysis the data and make inferences? How will you finally apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers?

  1. Organizational Behaviour

If you are made the campaign leader for a particular political party. How will you use your leadership skills to motivate your party men to ensure success of the party nominee in the elections? (Focus on the individual, motivate and apply leadership style).

  1. Principles of Economics

Suppose the price elasticity of demand for text books is two and the price of the text book is increased by 10%. By how much does the quantity demand fall? Inter the result and discuss reasons for the fall in quantity demand?



  1. International Law

What are your perceptions on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Would you like to amend any of the articles or add a new article to the declaration?

  1. Strategic Management

Select an appropriate generic strategy to position your printing business unit in its competitive environment (map the environment primarily as a pattern of competitive pressures from rivals, suppliers, buyers, entrants and substitutes).



Elective- Marketing Management

How probable consequences of a protracted price war care be avoided? Give examples of two industries making bath soaps. What consequences you foresee if such price wars are not avoided on time?


  1. Explain the main HRM activities.
  2. What are the main reasons for undertaking Human resource planning in an organization?Explain.
  3. Explain the principles and techniques of Job Analysis.
  4. In identifying the need to recruit what issues are to be considered by an employer?Explain.
  5. Explain the stages of the Performance Management process.
  1. Explain the factors that affect a training requirement.



Management information System



  1. Explain the future thrusts and methodologies of Management information systems.
  2. Explain the important characteristics of Decision Support System.
  3. How is MIS implemented in an organization? Explain
  4. Write a descriptive account on Relational Database Management System.
  5. Explain the role of computer and data management in MIS.
  6. What is the role of MIS in organization planning and decision making?






Subject : Strategic Management


  1. Explain the setting of rights priorities and objectives for business strategy planning.
  2. How can congruence be achieved? Discuss budgets and rewards.
  3. Describe how the operating plan addresses the key issues of a business strategy to improve productivity.
  4. Explain the growth of E-Business in India.
  5. Does strategic management work? Examine.
  6. Write an essay on ‘Why Strategies fail’?


Elective: Project Management (Part – 2)

Attend any 4 questions.  Each question carries 25 marks

(Each answer should be of minimum 2 pages / of 300 words)



  1. Explain the key challenges to implementing an effective Project Portfolio Management(PPM) process.
  2. Explain specific portfolio optimization methods implemented in PPM tools.
  3. Why do you think it is important to give people the most important information first when you make a presentation?Explain.
  4. What are the steps in a process improvement project?Explain.
  5. What are the Common problems encountered due to recent changes in outsourcing being done by industry?Explain.
  6. Explain top – 10 leadership qualities of a Project Manager.



Elective: Sales Management (Part – 1)


Attend any 4 questions.  Each question carries 25 marks

(Each answer should be of minimum 2 pages / of 300 words)


  1. If you are the sales manager of your firm then at some point of time you will have to contend with the issues while formulating your sales plan,What are they? Explain.
  2. Discuss leadership styles in sales management.
  3. Explain the basic steps of the selling process.
  4. What are the selection tools used for selecting the sales force?Explain.
  5. Explain the sales management planning process.
  6. Explain the duties and responsibilities of a sales manager.


Elective: Sales Management (Part – 2)


Attend any 4 questions.  Each question carries 25 marks

(Each answer should be of minimum 2 pages / of 300 words)



  1. Describe the techniques of sales forecast. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  2. Explain the non-quantitative forecasting techniques.
  3. Describe the distribution strategy of Asian Paints.
  4. What are the types of Quotas? Explain Quota Setting Procedures.
  5. Is technology a factor affecting Consumerism. Explain.
  6. Explain the causes for irresponsible marketing actions.




  1. Explain the different international organizations
  2. Explain the origin of international legal order.
  3. What are the integrated and distinctive legal order of WTO? Explain
  4. Explain International court of Justice
  5. Explain how treaty obligations are ended
  6. What are the sources of international law?


  1. Explain the setting of rights priorities and objectives for business strategy planning
  2. How can congruence be achieved? Discuss budgets and rewards
  3. Describe how the operating plan addresses the key issues of a business strategy to improve productivity
  4. Explain the growth of E-Business in India
  5. Does strategic management work? Examine
  6. Write an essay on ‘Why Strategies fail’?


  1. A country must export in order to be able to import. But how can it find out how much it needs to export? How can it plan its export? Explain.
  2. What is Exporting? In order to accomplish this, an exporter must do what any seller must do, whether he is marketing his products in his own country or abroad. Explain.
  3. As an international trader, you’re an intermediary in the buying and selling, or importing and exporting, transaction. Therefore, you have to determine not just the price of the product, but the price of your services as well. These two figures are separate yet interactive. Explain.
  4. What are the things to consider before exporting your products? Discuss.
  5. Why foreign government impose product regulations that are common in International Trade and are expected to expand in the future. These regulations can take the form of high tariffs, or non-tariff barriers, such as regulations or product specifications. Explain
  6. Explain SAARC Agreement for Preferential Trading Arrangement



  1. What is a Foreign Exchange and how it works? Explain with examples/
  2. Explain the role of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
  3. What are the standardized pre-shipment export document practices in India? Explain
  4. What is ISO 14000 and what Standards does it contain so far. Explain
  5. What is the purpose of the Quality Manual? Explain
  6. Explain the procedure and documentation when a loss arises during Export of Goods.



  1. Explain the relationship of accounting with other disciplines
  2. Describe the different systems of book-keeping and system of accounting.
  3. Explain the rules of debit and credit applicable to different types of business transactions
  4. Describe the meaning and the objects of preparing a trail balance
  5. Explain the importance of identifying income or expenditure as capital or revenue
  6. Explain the meaning of accounting principles



  1. Describe the salient features of Accounting Standard with regard to Depreciation Accounting
  2. Explain the role of expired cost in income measurement
  3. Identify and explain the processes of computerized accounting and accounting software packages
  4. Explain value inventory for balance sheet purposes
  5. Explain the provisions concerning a company’s books of accounts, financial statement and declaration of dividends by company
  6. Explain the objective and types of underwriting







Elective – Export and Import Management

The clothing industry in India dwells an important pace in the economy of the country and supplies substantially to earning of export. The clothing industry is a second largest provider of employment in India after agriculture. Clothing makes up around 17% of entire exports. It is also a matter of pride for the clothing export industry as the highest net earner for foreign exchange for developing countries. The developments which takes place in international trade with the new formation of blocks of trading and the reduction of Multi Fiber Arrangement within a decade the clothing industry will have to adapt itself so that the prominent position that it has in Indian economy continues to be maintained

What are your views on maintaining the export trend of Indian textile industry for the next decade?