What are the needs for demand forecasting?


What are the needs for demand forecasting?


Managerial Economics
Total Marks – 80
Answer any FIVE Questions. All Questions carry equal marks

1. Managerial Economics is the application of Economic Theory to business management. Discuss. [16]

2. What are the needs for demand forecasting? Explain the various steps involved in demand forecasting. [16]

3. Define production function. How is it helpful while taking output decisions? [16]

4. (a) ‘ The monopolist represents one man industry’? Comment and discuss how equilibrium position can be attained by the monopolist.
(b) Use appropriate diagrams to supplement your answer. [10+6]

5. (a) Define partnership and explain its salient features and limitations.
(b) What are the qualities of a good partner? [8+8]

6. What are the components of working capital? Explain each of them. [16]

7. Give a brief account on the important records of Accounting under Double entry system and discuss briefly the scope of each. [16]

8. (a) From the information (given with attachments), calculate [16]
i. Debt Equity ratio
ii. Current ratio
(b) Calculate Interest Coverage ratio from the information (given with attachments) .

Marketing Management

Max. Marks : 80

Instructions :
(1) Attempt any five questions.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1) Define Marketing Management. Discuss its importance and scope in today’s
dynamic Competitive Environment.

Q.2) What is ‘Product Life Cycle’ ? How Marketing Mix Decisions have to
be adjusted at different stages of PLC (Product Life Cycle) ?

Q.3) Explain various pricing strategies a firm can adopt.

Q.4) What is Product Mix ? Explain various Product Mix Strategies with suitable

Q.5) Discuss various cultural issues involved in International Marketing.

(A) What is Consumer Buying Behaviour ?
(B) Explain various steps involved in Buying Consumer Goods.

Q.7) Write short notes : (Any Two)
(a) Promotion through International Exhibitions and Trade Fares
(b) Use of Internet as a Marketing Tool
(c) Channel Conflicts


Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Assume any missing data suitably.

1. (a) Draw a systems view diagram of any service organization of your choice. Identify its various components. Explain its interdisciplinary nature. 10
(b) What are the major characteristics of a Production system? Discuss some of its upcoming issues that provide economies in production and efficiency in the performance of the system. 10

2. (a) Explain with examples, how the TQM concept can integrate design engineering, manufacturing and service. 10
(b) What are process capability studies ? Explain the process capability index with applications to a real life example. 10

3. (a) Compare traditional process planning with Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP). Also explain a generative CAPP system. 10
(b) Explain the objectives of Total Productive maintenance. Give its importance. Also comment on the concept of TPM promotion. 10

4. (a) Why is forecasting required in operations management ? Discuss the concept of forecast error as applied to different conditions. 10
(b) How are quantitative models of forecasting different from qualitative models ? Discuss in detail time-series model as used for forecasting. 10

5. (a) What is facility planning ? Explain with examples different types of layouts as used in manufacturing organisations. 10
(b) Discuss work measurement as a process to establish task time. Explain the various techniques for developing time standards. 10

6. (a) Explain just in time manufacturing with the help of examples. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages. 10
(b) For an independent demand inventory model, derive the equation for Economic Order Quantity. List all assumptions. 10

7. Write short notes on any four of the following: 4×5=20
(a) OPT
(b) Break even analysis
(c) Lean manufacturing
(d) Kanban system
(e) Line of Balance for Production Control
(f) Purpose of aggregate plans.