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Answer the following question.
Q1. Which factors influencing organizational features? (10 marks)
Q2. Discuss about audience perception of advertising process. (10 marks)
Q3. What is the role of advertising in marketing mix? (10 marks)
Q4. What is the purpose of FERA companies? (10 marks)
Q5. Explain about other promotional media in short. (10 marks)
Q6. Which type of features must have an effective advertisement? (10 marks)
Q7. Explain about AIDA model. (10 marks)
Q8. Definitions of advertising. (10 marks)

Business Communication
Answer the following question.
Q1. What does good business behavior includes (10 marks)
Q2. Give the rules of Introducing others (10 marks)
Q3. Give Do’s for a GD (10 marks)
Q4. What is active listening? (10 marks)
Q5. Why do listening barriers succeed? (10 marks)
Q6. What is reading Efficiency? List the factors affecting it (10 marks)
Q7. State the advantages of written Communication. (10 marks)
Q8. What are the Functions of Communication? (10 marks)

Business Ethics
Answer the following question.
Q1. What are attributes of profession. (10 marks)
Q2. Give song of eighteen values. (10 marks)
Q3. What is code of conduct for citizens. (10 marks)
Q4. Give benefits of consumer education. (10 marks)
Q5. What are unethical practices? (10 marks)
Q6. What is cultural ethos? (10 marks)
Q7. Discuss philosophy and religion. (10 marks)
Q8. Give need for consumer education. (10 marks)

Consumer Behaviour
Answer the following question.
Q1. Briefly describe the changing trends in consumer behaviour in Indian context (10 marks)
Q2. Discuss the role of reference groups for patronising a new magazine? (10 marks)
Q3. What is classical conditioning theory of learning? How does this theory apply to consumers? (10 marks)
Q4. What are approaches to activating problem recognition (10 marks)
Q5. Write a short note on consumer characteristics (10 marks)
Q6. Discuss self concept theory (10 marks)
Q7. Give consumer attitudes towards the product (10 marks)
Q8. Give attributes of alternative. (10 marks)

Corporate Law
Answer the following question.
Q1. What are the kinds of bailments? (10 marks)
Q2. Discuss Wagering Agreements . (10 marks)
Q3. Classify public law and private law . (10 marks)
Q4. Ignorance of law is no excuse. (10 marks)
Q5. What is Business? Explain . (10 marks)
Q6. How to maintain liquid assets . (10 marks)
Q7. What are duties of Agent . (10 marks)
Q8. Define Bailment and explain. (10 marks)

Financial and Cost Accounting
Answer the following question.
Q1. Enumerate the steps involved in the installation of budgetary control system in an organization? (10
Q2. Which are the different ways by which the cost can be analysed? (10
Q3. Cost accounting has become an essential tool of management”. Comment and state the steps to be taken while
installing a costing system in a manufacturing concern.
Q4. A good costing system is an involvable aid to management.” Discuss. (10
Q5. Cost accounting has become an essential tool of modern management”. comment. (10
Q6. What one the objectives of cost accounting? What are its advantages and limitations? (10
Q7. Cost accounting is better understood as a cost control and cost reduction exercise and not a more cost ascertainment
process”. Discuss.
Q8. Differentiate between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting (10

General Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. What are four leadership styles? (10 marks)
Q2. Write a note on Job description (10 marks)
Q3. Write a note on job specification (10 marks)
Q4. Explain in detail Line organization (10 marks)
Q5. What are the types of strategies? (10 marks)
Q6. What are the internationalization stages? (10 marks)
Q7. What is the responsibility of business towards environment and protecting natural resources? (10 marks)
Q8. Define management. What are the characteristics of management? (10 marks)

Human Resource Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. Short note on Motivation Hygiene Theory. (10 marks)
Q2. Write a short note on performance management system & organizational strategy. (10 marks)
Q3. Importance of induction & placement. (10 marks)
Q4. What should be the nature of job information for job analysis? (10 marks)
Q5. Explain structure of HRD system with diagram. (10 marks)
Q6. Explain five distinct elements of Time Series Analysis. (10 marks)
Q7. List out five ‘schools’ of strategic management by Mintzberg. (10 marks)
Q8. Discuss guidelines for policy formulation. (10 marks)

International Business
Answer the following question.
Q1. What is International Business Risk ? (10 marks)
Q2. What is impact of FDI in India ? (10 marks)
Q3. Write Short note on ITO. (10 marks)
Q4. Which products are majority imports? (10 marks)
Q5. The trends & direction of India’s foreign trade. (10 marks)
Q6. List out the role of RBI. (10 marks)
Q7. What is international business environment? (10 marks)
Q8. What are the functions of WTO? (10 marks)

Marketing Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. Explain Types of advertising (10
Q2. Explain PR. (10
Q3. Explain PortFolio Analysis. (10
Q4. Explain Warehousing and Inventory Decisions. (10
Q5. Explain Significance of Branding. (10
Q6. Explain the terms Product Item and Product Line in the context of Product Mix. Why and how product mix is
Q7. A New brand of a ‘Tyre –that-Never –punctures’ is to be launched in India by a multinational company with your
advice about concept – testing and test – marketing Justify your contention.
How will you alter the marketing mix –intensity & composition ,as a product is entering the maturity stage in the lifecycle?
How again the marketing mix will have to be modified ,when the same product ,later on, starts showing sales –

Material Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. Explain procedure of international purchasing? (10 marks)
Q2. What are the approaches of price forecasting? (10 marks)
Q3. Write a short note on simplification? (10 marks)
Q4. Describe about special purchasing system? (10 marks)
Q5. Explain Delphi concept for futurology? (10 marks)
Q6. Write a short note on physical systems? (10 marks)
Q7. Write a short note on negotiation? (10 marks)
Q8. Define: Obsolete, Surplus & Scrap management? (10 marks)

Operations Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. What is continuous improvement (CI)? What are the major tools for this philosophy? (10
Q2. Regression and correlation are both termed “causal” methods of forecasting. Explain how they are similar in this
respect and also how they are different.
Q3. Define the terms “Qualitative Methods”, “Trend Analysis Method (Time Series Method), and “Causal Forecast”.
Describe the uses of them.
Q4. Suzan has a part-time “cottage-industry” producing seasonal plywood yard ornaments for resale at local craft fairs and
bazaars. She currently works a total of 4 hours per day to produce 10 ornaments.
Q5. What is ISO-9000 Series Standards? List key quality awards. (10
Q6. Contrast the world class view with the traditional view in quality control. (10
Q7. What factors distinguish between production and service operations? (10
Ahmet grows domatoes in his 100 by 100 meters garden. He then sells the crop at the local farmer’s market. Two
summers ago, he was able to produce and sell 1200 kgs of tomatoes. Last summer, he tried a new fertilizer that
promised a 20% increase in yield. He harvested 1350 kgs. Did the fertilizer live up to its promise?

Organization Behavior
Answer the following question.
Q1. Describe basic assumption of OD. (10 marks)
Q2. Explain the uses of job analysis. (10 marks)
Q3. Describe importance of communications. (10 marks)
Q4. List out theories of leadership. (10 marks)
Q5. List out types of values. (10 marks)
Q6. Explain functions of attitude. (10 marks)
Q7. List out the basic research methods. (10 marks)
Q8. Define organizational behavior (OB) in detail. (10 marks)

Personnel Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. write a note on quality center? (10 marks)
Q2. what is the future of personnel function in india? (10 marks)
Q3. what is social audit? (10 marks)
Q4. what is profit ethic ? (10 marks)
Q5. How is communication filtered? (10 marks)
Q6. What is the basic selection model? (10 marks)
Q7. Explain the types of departments. (10 marks)
Q8. What are the traits of an effective manager? (10 marks)

Principles & Practice of management
Answer the following question.
Q1. Write about effective use of Grapevine . (10 marks)
Q2. Define Staffing. (10 marks)
Q3. Describe organizational excellence. (10 marks)
Q4. What are the techniques of co-ordination? (10 marks)
Q5. Discuss steps of planning. (10 marks)
Q6. Explain process of delegation. (10 marks)
Q7. Describe characteristics of delegation. (10 marks)
Q8. Describe any five essentials of good plan. (10 marks)

Suppy Chain Management
Answer the following question.
Q1. Write the Important of considerations? (10 marks)
Q2. States the issues in international supply chain management? (10 marks)
Q3. Write the short note on electronic commerce. (10 marks)
Q4. Distinguish centralized and decentralized systems. (10 marks)
Q5. Write a difficulties with the traditional beer game (10 marks)
Q6. Give top seven strategies in effective inventory reduction (10 marks)
Q7. How do you manage inventory in supply chain management (10 marks)
Q8. Describe the evolution of supply chain management (10 marks)