Business Communication

Multiple choice:
I.The most important goal of business communication is_________. (1)
a) favorable relationship between sender and receiver
b) organizational goodwill
c) receiver response
d) receiver understanding
II. Down ward communication flows from_________ to_________. (1)
e) Upper to lower
f) Lower to upper
g) Horizontal
h) Diagonal
III. Horizontal communication takes place
between_________. (1)
a. superior to subordinate
b. subordinate to superior
c. employees with same status
d. none of these
IV. The study of communication through touch is_________. (1)
a. chronemics
b. haptics
c. proxemics
d. semantic
V._____________ channel of communication is known as grapevine (1)
a. Formal
b. Informal
c. Horizontal
d. Vertical
VI. The following is (are) the most effective ways of communication. (1) a. Verbal b. Non verbal c. Written d. All of the above

• This section consists of Caselets.
• Answer all the questions.
• Each Caselet carries 20marks.
• Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150 to 200 words).
VII. The handshake that conveys confidence is (1)
a. Limp
b. Firm
c. Loose
d. Double
VIII. ________ of the letter consists of main message. (1)
a. Heading
b. Body
c. Greeting
d. Closing
IX. Body of a letter is divided into ________
parts. (1)
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
X. X. A persuasive message will fail if_____ (1)
a. it does not focus on what is in it for the reader
b. it only lists facts
c. it moves too slowly
d. all of the above
Part Two:
1. Brief Grapevine communication? (5)
2. List the 7 C’s of Communication? (5)
3. Describe the various barriers of communication? (5)
4. Write the negotiation process. (5)
Section B: Caselets (40 marks)
Caselet 1
Barry and Communication Barriers Effective Communication as a Motivator One common complaint employees voice about supervisors is inconsistent messages – meaning one supervisor tells them one thing and another tells them something different. Imagine you are the supervisor/manager for each of the employees described below. As you read their case, give
Examination Paper of Business Communication
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consideration to how you might help communicate with the employee to remedy the conflict. Answer the critical thinking questions at the end of the case then compare your answers to the Notes to Supplement Answers section. Barry is a 27-year old who is a foodservice manager at a casual dining restaurant. Barry is responsible for supervising and managing all employees in the back of the house. Employees working in the back of the house range in age from 16 years old to 55 years old. In addition, the employees come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. For many, English is not their primary language. Barry is Serv Safe® certified and tries his best to keep up with food safety issues in the kitchen but he admits it’s not easy. Employees receive “on the job training” about food safety basics (for example, appropriate hygiene and hand washing, time/temperature, and cleaning and sanitizing). But with high turnover of employees, training is often rushed and some new employees are put right into the job without training if it is a busy day. Eventually, most employees get some kind of food safety training. The owners of the restaurant are supportive of Barry in his food safety efforts because they know if a food safety outbreak were ever linked to their restaurant; it would likely put them out of business. Still, the owners note there are additional costs for training and making sure food is handled safely. One day Barry comes to work and is rather upset even before he steps into the restaurant. Things haven’t been going well at home and he was lucky to rummage through some of the dirty laundry and find a relatively clean outfit to wear for work. He admits he needs a haircut and a good hand scrubbing, especially after working on his car last evening. When he walks into the kitchen he notices several trays of uncooked meat sitting out in the kitchen area. It appears these have been sitting at room temperature for quite some time. Barry is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do. He feels like he is beating his head against a brick wall when it comes to getting employees to practice food safety. Barry has taken many efforts to get employees to be safe in how they handle food. He has huge signs posted all over the kitchen with these words: KEEP HOT FOOD HOT AND COLD FOOD COLD and WASH YOUR HANDS ALWAYS AND OFTEN. All employees are given a thermometer when they start so that they can temp food. Hand sinks, soap, and paper towels are available for employees so that they are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.
1. What are the communication challenges and barriers Barry faces? (10)
2. What solutions might Barry consider in addressing each of these challenges and barriers? (10)
Caselet 2
Mr. Dutta, newly appointed president of century Airlines, knew the company’s survival depended on customer service, which in turn depended on motivated employees. So he created the Century Spirit program to build team spirit by encouraging employee participation, individual initiative, and open communication. Among the program’s early successes was newspaper started by a group of flight attendants. The plane truth published information about benefits and work conditions as well as feature stories and humorous articles. It quickly became popular not only with flight attendant but with pilot, machinists, and baggage handlers.
As time went on, though, the plane truth began to run articles critical of the company. When management cut back worker’s hours, the, newspaper questioned what sacrifices the executive were making. When the technical services department releases figures showing long turnaround times, the paper questioned the machinist’s work ethic. Worried that customer might see the newspaper; Mr. Dutta wanted to cancel it. The president of the flight attendants union also wanted to see it was stirring up trouble with the machinists.
Examination Paper of Business Communication
IIBM Institute of Business Management
• This section consists of Applied Theory Questions.
• Answer all the questions.
• Each question carries 15marks.
• Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 200 to 250 words).
Ms. Rachel, Century’s human resource director, was asked to stop the publication. But she hesitated. She knew the employee morale was on the brink, but she did not know whether the newspaper was venting worker’s frustrations and reinforcing team spirit or stirring up old animosities and bringing the whole company down. Was it creating more tension than unity or vice-versa?
1. What Communication issues are involved at Century Airlines? (10)
2. What Communication Channels are being Utilized (10)
Section C: Applied Theory (30 marks)
1. Explain the various non verbal communications with an example in business
Scenario? (15)
2. Delineate the types of parts of business report writing? (15)